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So I've been up at my father-in-law's place for the last four days for Christmas. I have eaten SO MUCH FOOD AH MY GOD. Dinner was a gigantic fried turkey, a ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, little smokies, yams, broccolli with cheese, stuffing, deviled eggs, and probably at least three things I'm forgetting, and I didn't even get to dessert (triple chocolate cake, pumpkin cheesecake, and key lime pie) because I was too full of actual food. This is the best holiday ever, even if I did get woken up like five hours after going to sleep.

Hopefully everyone had a good non-denominational winter holiday of their preference.
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Ok so I may have neglected my dA account. My last journal update was 16 months ago. What does that mean to you guys, exactly? It means I'm going to now rant about everything I don't currently like about this site which has changed in the last year because I fear disruption in my life and Meg assures me they've all been bitched to death in Complaints already so I'm not going there to do it.

First and foremost, I'd like to say that the current forum system of hitting Tab after a post and having it jump you to the top of the page rather than the next item in line (e.g., the Preview button) is the single most retarded thing I've seen in website design since I built that joke site advertizing a zombie-killing and disposal service called Zom-B-Gone. Congratulations dA, you successfully managed to take something used by everyone with nearly universal site compatibility and which the vast majority of your community has turned into a reflex and then made it do something else. Not only does it not do what it should do, but the new item it jumps you to is useful to no one. Seriously, I have never been browsing the forums and thought to myself, "Gee, I sure wish I could use a handy keyboard shortcut that redirects me from my currently-viewed topic to the root forum index." I've sure as hell never followed up on that thought with, "I'd even trade my most commonly used keyboard shortcut on every website for that utility which I will never remember or take advantage of, ever." Seriously.

Now, to salvage some sort of good out of this utterly half-baked and illogical idea, we're going to play a fun game. I'm currently imagining the number of high-proof alcoholic drinks that a website developer would have to consume in the space of three hours to think that changing the Tab button to do the exact opposite of what it does on every other website is a legitimately good idea. I want you to do the same. Got it? Good. Next, you're going to reply to tell me what your guess is. The first person to correctly guess the amount of alcohol required to justify this decision wins a wonderful prize¹. Then we can at least say that somewhere, something good came from this monumentally stupid decision.

¹The "prize" may in fact be something intangible such as "a feeling of satisfaction" or general pleasure at having won the contest.

Next up on the list is the decision to make the Premium and Senior forums visible, but ghosted, to all of the common rabble who don't meet the criteria to actually post in the forums themselves. This strikes me as a decision which can only be described as "bad for the world." Not because I think the uncultured swine that populate the Deviants and Music forums are going to be all jealous at seeing things take place which they can't post in, oh no. Not that at all. I think this is a bad decision because now, speaking as someone who spent several years subscribed on this website, the peasantry can see exactly how useless and retarded shit like the Premium Members forum really is after all. You know how many posts I made in the Premium forum over like six years of having a subscription? One. One post. I know it's exactly one post because I actually remember the specific time that I saw a topic in the Premium forum that was worth reading and replying to. I'm pretty sure it was in 2004. The really hilarious part is they've actually added a Premium Thumbshare forum which serves the exact same purpose as the normal Thumbshare forum, except it's visible to a smaller audience. Given the whole point of Thumbshare is to advertise to as many people as possible, I'm led to two conclusions. First, Premium Thumbshare was only added as a gimmick to make it look like the subscription forums are actually worth paying for ("Look guys, there's TWO of them now!"). Second, the guys who come up with this stuff have a liquor cabinet in the company headquarters. Don't try to tell me the senior forum is dramatically better; for those who've forgotten, I'm married to one. SHE'S TOLD ME YOUR SECRETS. :fear:

Furthermore, spambots are fucking everywhere now. They used to be an occasional nuisance. I've seen three of them in the last two hours, and I haven't exactly been browsing a whole lot. I really hope this is an uncommon exception rather than the rule. If dA adopts a Captcha post verification system like 4chan did in its (failed) effort to beat spambots, I'll seriously just leave again for another year and a half. I'm not dealing with that crap on yet another forum. If I want to try and decipher someone's mangled attempts at the English language I'll go back to my job as a writing tutor.

Now excuse me briefly while I go shower before continuing with this. Then my hair can dry while I finish my rambling. :aww:

BACK, AND I HAVE CEREAL. Now where was I...

Oh, right. I was bitching about everything. That's not fair, though. As much as I enjoy complaining, some things have also become better around here in the time I've been gone (I've been quietly lurking for a week or so just to observe). It'd be biased of me to spend an entire journal entry whining about change while not giving the good stuff its due. You want to know one thing that was immediately and obvious better than it was before? The Music forum. Seriously, that place used to be like the Mos Eisley of deviantART. Half the community was 14 or younger and listened to MCR or hip-hop, the other half was 35 or older and swore that no good music had been made since 1974, and there were like six guys in between who only ever listened to Morrissey and quite loudly insisted everything else was utter bullshit and needed to die. Since I started browsing again, the place seems to have dropped significantly in overt hostility and I haven't seen a single post about Morrissey. When I looked at it an hour ago, I had to actually read eight threads before I found one that pissed me off, and that wasn't because of the content but rather because it looked like it was typed by a chimpanzee on a whiskey-and-Adderall bender. A year ago I couldn't even have got through the pinned threads without feeling an intense desire for murder.

Lastly, I just want to say that I'm pleased at at least one thing that remains unchanged on dA, even after a break of a year and a half away from the place: the overwhelming sense of angst and despair in the Complaints forum. When I first popped back onto dA a few days ago, I naturally went straight to Complaints like I always used to and skimmed the topics. Of course I have forgotten what it looked like by now but I'll look again right now and use that as a comparison instead. What do we have? A complaint about Twilight, a personal attack on another member's gallery, someone bitching about stupid children, a hilarious rant about people living in piles of garbage, and an entire fucking topic that no one will read because the stupid author put it all in subscript. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Complaints forum that I know and love. Thank you for never changing, ever.
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As anyone who read this sorrowful excuse for a journal is already aware, I was down at dA's tenth birthday party bash in Los Angelos over the weekend because I had nothing better to do with my time than drive 2,185 miles for the fun of it, right?

All in all, the whole ordeal was pretty fun. MegMcMuffin and I crashed at Hurricanrana's place for a night on the way down, which was fun. She has awesome cats and her mom's cool as hell. We spent a morning wandering around downtown wherever-the-hell-we-were (Santa Cruz, I think?), raiding a costume shop and eating delicious pizza and ultimately rampaging through an arts and crafts store. I got a little monkey that fits over a pencil. Yes, a PENCIL MONKEY. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll see pictures of it soon.

We got to the hostel we were staying in and met up with neo-the-foxycoon and Poisonous-Prose, and after about eleven years we were also joined by deshrubber. I think I met like six billion people at the party but everything was going so fast I don't even remember half of them, so feel free to bitch at me if I left someone out =p I do recall telling shuttermonkey that I wanted his hat, thinking that dammitMEL is awesome, and just about falling asleep on Resaturatez's bed at like 1:30 AM after the party was winding down. I think I also spent about 12 minutes staring in awe at Moonbeam13's awesome fucking boots, holy shit.

Also, the House of Blues is incredible. Seriously, go there. Even if there's nothing going on, just break in and take pictures of shit. Speaking of breaking in and taking pictures, expect stuff from me in your inbox soon, both some pictures and some written stuff.
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And Jesus Christ do I hate this tiny little laptop keyboard. HATE RAWR.

Party's fun, there was much booze. Met a shitload of people. I'll post something more coherent once I'm back home at my actual computer I can actually TYPE ON in like 24 hours. Fuck I made like 17 typos so far.

If you're at this party somewhere, yell at me - I'm the only one here in a huge brown hat.



I love both DeviantWear and FedEx.

Fri Apr 23, 2010, 11:51 AM
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Meg and I ordered t-shirts from the DevWear shop at like 10:30 PM three days ago and it just got here at 11:30 AM.


Llama ID by wazzdakka

What made this bonus awesome was that the last time we had something shipped from dA via FedEx, it took like 3 weeks to get it and they steadfastly maintained that my address didn't exist. Despite me, you know, living there and stuff.

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First of all, I just moved another 12 Deviations into my scrapbook and flat-out deleted a few more because I grow more self-critical with every passing month. I plan on making more stuff to upload that I won't feel like shit about in the fairly near future to replace the old shitty ones that were mostly garbage. No, this also isn't fishing for "Oh it wasn't so bad" comments, most of what I moved truly was completely pointless and I feel embarrassed that I showed them off at some point in my past.

I also started college this week. To keep things in perspective for people who don't know me terribly well, I graduated high school in 2001. I'm loving it so far, probably because I spent the last eight years working full time and school seems like a cakewalk in comparison. I'm going full time but I have class on Saturday as well as the usual Monday through Friday stuff so I don't have any "bad" days in terms of scheduling. I go to class six days a week, but three of those days I only have a single course and then go home. It's entertaining being five to ten years older than most of my classmates as well. It amuses me because I remember how "grown up" I felt when I was 18 and enlisting in the Navy; I now look at the 18-20 year olds I work with daily in school and think "Oh, you bunch of silly kids". Knowing that all of these same people would make up the majority of my co-workers also seems like an awesome justification for my leaving the Navy.

For those curious, I don't fully know what I want to major in yet so I'm taking some general stuff (US History 3, Econ 101, and Geography 101) as well as a web coding class because the Humanities class I wanted filled up in the first five minutes online registration was open. History is awesome so far as I spent two of my last five classes watching movies about World War 1. Economics is fun because the teacher is insane and, therefore, entertaining; she's also one of those ones that encourages us to just yell stuff out in class so it's a fun couple of hours. Geography would be less amusing if there wasn't a dumbass who interrupts the teacher to ask random, unrelated questions that we learned the answers to in junior high school. Seriously, when we're talking about various types of map projections is not the best time to raise your hand and ask why there's both a North and South Dakota.

I also have a Tinfoil Hat badge to go along with my Ninja Llama :aww:

So how is everyone? Most of you, I don't hear from as much as I used to.

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I have llamas!:iconteheplz:
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I just glanced at my pageview chart on a whim. 14, 47, 16, 6, 362, 27, 18...

Shit like that always makes me wonder what you all know that I don't. :paranoid:
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This is the most pointless, and therefore greatest, notion I have ever seen. I require more 18x12 llama deliciousness. MOAR I SAY.

Also, the complaints forum was god damn hilarious today. All the butthurt tards bitching about the avatar changes got my day off to a glorious start the best way possible - laughing at stupid people :la:

Thank you, complaints forum. Thank you.
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Seven years on dA :fear: Not bad for someone who originally only came here for free porn. What's scarier, that I'm still hanging around after seven years or that I also got a wife out of the deal? :lol:

We spent Sunday afternoon driving up to the beach with Meg's mom and her boyfriend, hunting for razor clams (I still say that sounds like something out of Oblivion; "Shit, I was trying to sneak past the Frost Atronachs and I got spotted by a fucking razor clam."). Any sane person also refers to it simply as "clam digging" or even "clamming" but I think "clam hunting" makes it sound like there's some element of risk involved. This is especially true when you consider that the clam gun I used to haul them out of the dirt look like this - and no, they're not full of explosives and used to blast the clams into the sky, as I initially hoped.

We had fried clams for dinner that night, and made a huge amount of clam chowder the next day. While the clams were delicious, I did also learn that my stomach apparently does not enjoy seafood of the "I'm a clam and still partially alive" variety. I spent the last 24 hours... not really "sick" so much as "wishing for the warm embrace of death". My stomach was making absurd noises literally all of last night and was still doing it in the morning. This of course didn't stop me in the slightest from eating two and a half bowls of clam chowder six hours later.

Bonus journal point that didn't make it into the title: The scoring system on Mario Cart DS is retarded. While playing on the highest difficulty to unlock more courses to race on, I consistently get better scores for playing like shit than I do when I pull down first place in all four tracks. I've won first on all four and come out with Rank E; earlier today I placed 1st, 2nd, 1st, and 7th due to some bad luck in the final lap and got earned Rank B. B.

What the fuck, Nintendo.
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Copied from VernonX9000 :faint:

1. Do you have the guts to answer these questions and re-post as The Controversial Survey?
If I didn't, then this wouldn't exist, so this is the most pointless question I have ever taken the 9 seconds to answer.

2. Would you do meth if it was legalized?
No, due to my not being a blithering fucking retard.

3. Abortion: for or against it?
Definitely "for". I don't mean "pro-choice" either, I mean I'm all for abortions. Enough talking, let's get with the baby-killing.

Is that too much? Fine then, pro-choice. I just love the debate class rejects who refer to it as "pro-abortion" in a pathetic attempt to vilify the other side by making them sound like a bunch of rampant murderers.

4. Do you think the world would fail with a female president?
No. I was highly opposed to the idea of Hillary Clinton as president not because she's a female, but because she's Hillary Clinton and that idea terrifies me. I have no objections to a female president provided she isn't insane and scary.

5. Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?
Sure. Do just like they do with alcohol; legalize it and tax the living hell out of it. You ever look up how much of what you pay for booze in a typical case goes to the government in taxes? It's obscene. The entire Iraq war could probably be funded on what the US government has made off Jim Beam sales in the last decade. So long as it has the same restrictions as cigarettes do, I couldn't possibly care less. I've never smoked it and have no desire to.

6. Are you for or against premarital sex?
For. I wouldn't want to be stuck with someone the rest of my life when I've never even seen them naked, good lord. They could have like... a mole :fear:

7. Do you believe in God?
Not particularly, no. I'd probably change my mind if it was still like in the Old Testament and every time someone said "God dammit!" you'd hear this big voice in the sky like "What? Someone call Me? I heard My name, I know it." but God seems to only talk openly to insane people anymore.

8. Do you think it's wrong that so many Hispanics are illegally moving to the USA?
Yes. Do that shit legally or keep on going north until you hit Canada. There's quite enough here.

9. A twelve year old girl has a baby, should she keep it?
I'd vote "no". Even if she and her family had the means to take care of it, she's still managed to effectively ruin her life before she was truly old enough to comprehend the results of her actions.

10. Should the alcohol age be lowered to eighteen?
I don't see any real reason to. People seem to love going off in the forums about the US having "omfg a 21 drinking age? that's bullshit wtf". So? Several other countries also maintain a minimum age of 21, and several beyond them hold it at 20. Reading the common rage-posts, you'd think it was "USA: 21; Rest of the world, 18". A large number of US states even allow it below 21 provided you have family present or are in your own home.

11. Should the war in Iraq be called off?
If by "called off" you mean "pack up our shit and leave", then no. US forces are still too heavily incorporated in a lot of places around there for us to just leave all of a sudden without seriously negative repercussions. It would be nice to at least phase out on a gradual basis until Iraq is eventually fully responsible for its own safet- oh, wait, that's what we're doing already.

12. Assisted suicide is illegal: do you agree?
I'd probably argue in favor of assisted suicide on a case-by-case basis.

13. Do you believe in spanking your children?
While in a supermarket a week or so ago, we had the pleasure of being down the aisle from a mother with a toddler. For as long as we were in earshot, it was a never-ending stream of "Mommy, can I have this?", "No.", "Mommy, can I have this?", "No.", "Mommy, can I have this?", "No.", "Mommy, can I have this?", "No.", "Mommy, can I have this?", "No.", "Mommy, can I have this?", "No.". The kid wasn't asking for everything in the store; he was asking about the same toy, every single time. You want to apply logic and reason to that kid? Go ahead. I'll settle for spanking it.

14. Would you burn an American flag for a million dollars?
That's the appropriate and only legal way to destroy it, and is in fact encouraged if the flag is damaged, dirty, or in otherwise poor condition. So hell yeah I would, free million bucks for me, thanks.

15. Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?
If I was afraid of what the people of dA thought of my opinions, I wouldn't hang out in Complaints all day.
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And of course it happened while I was in the middle of a cross-country road trip so it had three days to rack up 854 comments before I was able to check it :lol: I'm attempting to reply to all of them, but here's a general "Thank you!" to everyone who commented on how much they liked it. Excellent seventh-year dA birthday present =p
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I haven't got a whole lot of actual content to put in here, it's just been a while since my last journal and a holiday seemed a fitting time to update it. Happy Veterans Day and such. :salute:
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Because it totally is.

After being assured that tungsten carbide was better than simple gold for an indestructible wedding band, I cracked mine at work last night. The first day after our first month of marriage and my ring is broken. It's still wearable, the damage is on the outside and not touching my skin, but I'm still irate about it. So I invite you to take part in my newly-declared holiday by going to a jewelry store, fetching a salesman, and asking for their most resilient men's wedding ring. If he shows you something in tungsten, you know what to do.
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So I've been offline the last few days after my old computer basically exploded. It was close to four years old and finally gave in to a combination of old age, spyware, and being 86% full of lolcat pictures and pirated music. It finally collapsed one day while doing a Google search which proved just a touch too stressful for it (God forbid I search for a band name). After realizing I couldn't even keep the OS up for more than twenty seconds without the Blue Screen of Death claiming it with its cold, boney fingers, I rebooted it a few times until I managed to get the couple "critical" files I needed off of it onto my external hard drive and then kissed it good-bye.

The new one came home today. :meow: A Gateway, same as before. For those who care:

:bulletblue: AMD Phenom(tm) 9750 Quad-Core Processor, 2.4GHz
:bulletblue: 7934 MB RAM
:bulletblue: 1 Terabyte hard drive
:bulletblue: ATI Radeon HD 4650 (never used an ATI vid card before, so I'm curious about this one)
:bulletblue: 23" PnP Monitor which doesn't fit on my desk, requiring some "modification" :evillaugh:
:bulletblue: Windows Vista, probably upgraded to Windows 7 as it's free.

I've already shut off 95% of all of Vista's safety precautions, making it an actually usable operating system ("Are you sure you want to open your control panel?" No, I just clicked the icon for practice). Now I just need to make my old computer run long enough to retrieve my game CD keys from the registry. I really don't feel like buying them all over again. I've spent the last few hours just re-acquiring my old tools that I wasn't able to carry over to the external hard drive and then to my new PC.

Items Needed To Make My Computer Adequate:
Kaspersky AV
Paint.NET (You're so next)
MSN Messenger
YouTube Downloader
VLC Media Player
Seventeen Oblivion mods
All my stupid games

I'm also gonna enter the hell out of Ewig's Bemote Contest and I demand you all do too. I hoped to get :chainsaw: just so I could make a chainsaw out of old cereal boxes and bicycle parts but I doubt she'll make me that happy. My wife got :eager:, apparently, and has been practicing it enthusiastically, only looking a little like a tard while doing so. Tard. TARDFACE.

Side note: I love this song almost as much as the YouTube downloader that's letting me play it on WMP.

Part of my being gone the last week has been due to working 60 hours in 5 days, after trading shifts with another guy. After about the fourth day I stopped caring entirely and just read books through half the day, part of the fun of working over a weekend. I finished two already-begun books in that time and read two others in their entirety, including finally finishing Stoker's original "Dracula" that I had down to the last eighty pages or so about three months back (Spoiler: Dracula dies at the end! I know, I was pissed off too!). Now since I've been off dA for the last week or so between work and computer-asplode, I demand to know the most interesting thing you've all accomplished in that time. You will be graded for your efforts.
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Yeah, won't be online a whole lot after this until next week. Me and MegMcMuffin are getting married at around noon today. Figured I should update this one last time since the current journal still says I'm getting married on the 14th which isn't even accurate :lol: I'll talk to you guys next week. Holly, enjoy your dolphin =p
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As title. :lol: Me and MegMcMuffin are aiming to be married on the 14th of August because she's cute and I luffs her :heart:


Also, we'll be at the DevMeet in Austin! :excited: Join us! I demand it!
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This journal is so late :lol: I was going to make it like a week ago but got sidetracked and haven't been on dA much since.

First off, thanks to everyone involved with the running of the DevMAP contest, including organizer Vlei, judges littlefishey, FixMeKnow, and Ewig, Vamaena for donating a sub to the winner, and MegMcMuffin who offered a dA accessory pack, even though she's my girlfriend so it was ultimately an honorary thing =p All of the entries were great and most made me laugh, check 'em out. Also thanks to the roughly 80 million Deviants out there that added my winning entry to their favorites or a collection, you guys supplanted my three year old armory photo as my "most fav'd" picture in a space of about two weeks. Apparently I need to submit actual work more often.

So anyway, what's new with you guys? I haven't been offline by any means, just busy places other than dA so my activity here has been limited. Lately me and Meg have been sitting on our asses, playing unhealthy amounts of Champions of Norrath: RTA on the Playstation 2, because nothing beats a four year old hack n' slash RPG for mindless entertainment. CoN is the justification for the "Ugly Wizards" title, seriously - all the characters in this game look awesome, except the Erudite Wizards. The guys aren't that bad, but the women look like a starving Ethiopian stereotype that somehow still manages to sport a 46F bust while she talks in her Jamaican accent (wut?). Just to top it off, her armor options look like they were inspired by some really bored artist who'd just eaten a whole box of Lucky Charms; half the shit is covered in cheesy-as-hell lightning bolts, stars, moons, and anything else that just screams out "HEY LUK GUYZ IMMA WIZARD LOLOL". Basically I've now stopped playing the Wizard and worked up a Level 37 Barbarian with a massive war hammer that weighs as much as my former Wizard's boobs.

Also, our television is broken! :icondweebdanceplz: It randomly turns itself on and off, and has a habit of jacking its volume all the way up to the max. Turning it down responds normally; pressing the volume "up" button also turns it down. I believe it's become self-aware and is just dicking with us, personally. We ended up hauling the old one out of the bedroom and hooking the PS2 up to it just so we could continue feeding our Norrath addiction.

That's all for now, got a birthday party to attend in... yeah, like 6 hours. Ugh. I love not being able to sleep. Cheers!
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I've been bored today so I'm literally spamming up every side of dA at the moment. I've got one tab open to the Browse page, another to my message center, a third to the forums, and a fourth I'm using just to comment on people's pages.

After doing this for a few hours, I started getting pop-ups after every post-attempt saying that the post failed as the server had decided I was a spam-bot and took steps to shut me down :lmao:

Luckily it only lasts like ten minutes. I was starting to get shaky, there.

I told MegMcMuffin I'm almost flattered. Not once in my years here have I actually been rapid-firing comments fast enough to be suspended by the server.
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Just a couple of minor ones that I'm posting since I'm bored and about to go to sleep and I crave attention. I ticked up to six years around this joint a few days ago; pretty impressive given I originally only came here for free porn when I was a teenager. As for the second half of the journal title, I also ticked up to 20,000 forum posts at about the same time. w00t.

Wonder where I'd be if I didn't keep going inactive for weeks at a time =p

So how is everyone? :aww: